Leasing Advantages                                         

Why Is Leasing the Affordable Alternative?

Monthly lease payments are more affordable for you or your business than a large, lump sum cash payment for equipment purchase. With leasing, you can afford the extras and get the equipment you really need today.

Your purchasing power is also increased through leasing. Your working capital is conserved and not committed to depreciating equipment. It is better to invest your capital in appreciating rather than depreciating assets.

What are the Advantages of Leasing?

Get a Tax Break
In most cases, lease payments may be deducted as an operating expense making payments 100% deductible. This means you realize a lower after-tax cost of the equipment due to an accelerated write-off over the lease term.

Conserve Your Capital
Leasing preserves capital to invest in profit generating opportunities. Working capital intended for equipment purchase can be retained to earn a higher rate of return.

Make Budgeting Easy

Lease terms, payment streams and options can be tailored to meet most budgets. Also, regular lease payments simplify accounting procedures, eliminate depreciation scheduling and ensure consistent control over equipment expenditures.

Preserve Your Credit

Leasing opens new credit lines which usually require no down payment or outside collateral. A lease is independent from other sources of financing, it extends credit limits, leaving more traditional sources open should they be needed. An established lease account can make it very easy to acquire more equipment when it is required.

Upgrade With Ease

It is easy to upgrade your equipment so you can operate with the most up-to-date equipment. You get credit for the amount you have paid off on your old equipment and the new equipment will be incorporated into a new lease with a new lease term.


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