DOORS, FRAMES and HARDWARE.....                                                                                    

Ever install wood or steel doors into a project - and the next day find someone has pulled the hinges and is using your expensive door for a tabletop, or walking on it, or damaging in the course of equipment installations??  Invariably you must hire a drywaller to caulk the edges and hire a painter to touch up.

Nationwide can offer you a remarkable door system.  The door, jamb and casing is pre-manufactured in the exact dimensions required for the rough in opening, and pre-finished to match your trim in your room and lobby. Hardware is according to architect specifications.                          

This door system installs after all the room finishing is done - even after furniture is installed.  The complete door and jamb unit is screwed in place and pre-finished cased is snapped onto the jamb.  The door hangs perfectly and there are no touch ups.

Jambs and casings can be wood or steel.  Finishes can be wood grain or painted.  Doors can be in your choice of wood and are available in a wide selections in a wide selection of panels.  Up to 1.5 hour fire-rated available.  And the best news is that the system can be less expensive than your normal door solution.

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